The Power of Conversation

Resolving legal conflicts through confidential mediation can save an enormous amount of time and expense.

Orlando Mediation

Our experience as Trial Lawyers helps us understand the financial and emotional costs of litigation. Resolution requires a mediator with the skills and experience to understand complex factual and legal issues. We pledge to provide extraordinary service, work diligently and patiently, and explore every possibility to reach a solution that works for you.

Areas of Mediation

Civil, Trial & Appellate Mediation

Orlando Mediation has deep experience with a broad range of civil cases involving firms and companies, large and small. As former Trial Attorneys, we’ve represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants in a variety of actions. Read More

Federal Court & Government Agencies

These entities have procedures and regulations that are unique, such as tort immunity and Government in the Sunshine Laws. Mediation with Governmental entities requires a Mediator experienced with these provisions. Read More

Divorce & Family Issues

There are few experiences in life that are more emotionally charged than dealing with family issues. We provide a forum for frank, difficult discussions where all individuals are treated with integrity and compassion. Read More

Divorce Without Lawyers (Pro Se)

You may choose to file your Family Law case without Lawyers, i.e. pro se. The Courts generally require that parties go to Mediation before they can have their case heard in front of a Judge. Read More

What our clients are saying…

Excellent attorney for dispute resolution. Handled the resolution of my case with finesse and efficiency. Avoided non-essential issues and set a positive tone for negotiating a mutually agreeable settlement.

Karen C.

Lyzette has mediated many of my family law cases, and usually we get a settlement. I appreciate her patience and way of facilitating creative alternatives to problems. I would recommend her services wholeheartedly.

Family Lawyer

Ken is an excellent lawyer and fantastic mediator. He gives sound and practical legal advice.

Family Attorney

Dear Ms. SanGermain, Thank you so much for your assistance during mediation. You made a very high stress situation much easier to get through. You are the perfect mix of professionalism and sensitivity.


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